ReactiveSearch UI kit for Vue 3 - Build intelligent search UIs


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ReactiveSearch for Vue 3 is a major upgrade to the UI kit and comes with several enhancements for building intelligent user interfaces and search experiences.

Watch the 1-min introduction video below: ๐Ÿ‘‡

New Components


The a-i-answer UI component enables building a RAG (retrieval augmented generation) based chat experience with AI answering support. See a demo in action over here. Or read the component's documentation reference over here.

The search-box UI component is enhanced to support AI Answering, showing FAQs as suggestions, and showing curated suggestions with custom actions. See all of these in action with an extensive search showcase below. Read the component documentation over here.

Secure API

ReactiveSearch Vue v3 uses the ReactiveSearch API to express the search intent. This requires the use of a ReactiveSearch server with two deployment choices: a search cluster and a serverless search mode.

Expanded Search Engine Support

ReactiveSearch UI kit supports Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, OpenAI, Solr and MongoDB Atlas Search as the choices for backend search engines.

Search EngineSearch Cluster SupportServerless Search support
ElasticsearchYes, fully hostedYes (user connects to their Elasticsearch)
OpenSearchYes, fully hostedYes (built-in)
OpenAIYes, API support and via pipelinesYes, API support via pipelines
Solr [Preview]-Yes (user connects to their Solr cloud cluster)
MongoDB Atlas Search [Preview]-Yes (user connects to their MongoDB Atlas Search cloud)

Elasticsearch and OpenSearch are supported completely. OpenAI is supported with both ReactiveSearch API and with pipelines. Solr and MongoDB Atlas search supports are in preview, we're happy to provide additional support to get you up and running with these engines.

Check out the Vue developer quickstart guide and star the project at

You can check out this post for the ReactiveSearch React v4 release.